Neues Mixtape: Diagnose Tumor vol. 5

Es ist wiedermal soweit. Schon wieder haben wir eine neue CD in petto! Wir wünschen Euch viel Spass  beim anhören. Bei Gefallen könnt Ihr die komplette CD gratis runterladen, indem Ihr hier auf den Download Button klickt.


Folgt uns auf:

Hier noch ein paar Informationen über Tumor Records:

Tumor a.k.a. Two More basically means two things: On one hand, it means earworm which no one can get rid of because it grows and remains in every listeners head. On the other hand, Tumor is the name of two talented young men, who quickly go above standards with every new project they attempt and double the quality at the same time. The Tumor-Brothers are not easily satisfied with their own music because they are self-critical and always want to push their first ideas into the best thing possible. This particular way will always achieve the maximum output, and it boosts them every day. This is the main focus of their music, and it also helps keep them from being discouraged when times get tough.

Tumor Records presents:
Tumor aka Two More
Diagnosis Tumor vol. 5




Autor: Feuer & Flamme

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