Beat of the week #1

Liebe Leser

Nachdem es diese Woche schon was zum sehen gab, gibts nun ab heute offiziell jeden Samstag auch etwas auf die Ohren. Und zwar Musik aus dem Hause Tumor Records.

Bei Gefallen dürft Ihr gerne einen Kommentar dalassen, oder gar das Instrumental downloaden und für eigene Projekte verwenden.

Credits gehen an: Sick P – Tumor Records.

Tumor Records is a HipHop Label which is actually based in Basel/Switzerland. The company has been founded in 2007 and is since run by former official Coast2Coast mixtape DJ’s and featured artists Tumor aka Two More. This young team created their own foundation within the scene, working with both national and international partners. Besides being active in the turntablism and the beat production segments they also work on:
-Designs: Logos, CD Covers, Flyers & Stickers
-Merchandise: Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets & Caps
-Photoshootings, &-montage
-Composition of Soundtracks
-Printing Services
-Promotion through worldwide connections

In the year 2009 the following sublabels have been established:
-Destroyer Beats (Underground Producer Team)
-Tumor Squad (International Underground Movement)
-Street Team
-Tumor Models
Also meetings with partners and customers are basic instruments for a concerted result and attests to the label owners professionality.

Tumor a.k.a. Two More basically means two things: On one hand, it means earworm which no one can get rid of because it grows and remains in every listener‘s head. On the other hand, Tumor is the name of two talented young men, who quickly go above standards with every new project they attempt and double the quality at the same time.

The Tumor-Brothers are not easily satisfied with their own music because they are self-critical and always want to push their first ideas into the best thing possible. This particular way will always achieve the maximum output, and it boosts them every day. This is the main focus of their music, and it also helps keep them from being discouraged when times get tough.

In 2007, they began to produce beats and also DJ as „Tumor a.k.a. Two More“. Creating beats started as an escape from the daily life, but soon they began to understand that it meant a lot more to them, and as time went on it turned out to be the most important thing in their lives.

Discovered and supported by the founder of Coast2Coast, they made sure that they let no opportunity slip away, and took part in the mixtapes of DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Noodles and the Coast2Coast Mixtape Volume 3.

The foundation toward international contacts was laid in 2008 with their own-hosted mixtape together with Coast2Coast.

„Coast2Coast took it international while teaming up with the dopest DJ/Producer Duo out of Switzerland, Tumor a.k.a. Two More. This exclusive-filled mixtape includes new joints from Tumor a.k.a. Two more and other international artists, as well as the hottest names in the game today including:

Nas, Redman, T.I., Styles P, Planet Asia, Timbaland, Slo Poke, Busta Rhymes, Kardinal Offishal, Reks, Lil Fats, Pitbull, Swizz Beatz, Flo Rida, T-Pain, Immortal Technique, Fabolous, Stat Quo, Jedi Mind Tricks , AngP and more!“

In 2009, the Tumor-Brothers signed at Coast2Coast as „Official Mixtape DJ’s“ and started their own mixtape-series called „Diagnosis: Tumor“. The Diagnosis-mixtapes included a lot of different styles, they had the chance to establish featured scratch-tracks, instrumentals, shout out’s from Bad Boy Entertainment and later on their very first video clip in the hip hop scene.

In 2010 the two laid a big milestone with the foundation of their own label „Tumor Records“ including the beat producer-label „Destroyer Beats“, their own street team and the „Tumor-Models“.

It didn’t take long to find new international features due to their constant increase of the quality of their projects and the professional attitude of the young enterprise. The proof can be seen on the new „Destroyer Beats“ sampler, as 17 out of 23 (co-)produced tracks included in the recent sampler are worldwide features from USA, China, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, Finland and Switzerland.

„Tumor a.k.a. Two More“ grows more unstoppable and knows no end which raises the quality of beats constantly. This is why they been given the opportunity to work with „Anno Domini“ and „Life & Death Productions“ who are well known worldwide.
Their goal is clear: they want to invest their energy and also invest 100% into their music with a worriless life and independence!


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Autor: Feuer & Flamme

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